Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi opens ‘The Orb’

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The most happening Lounge Bar in the city

Radisson Blu Delhi Plaza welcomes all to The Orb, its newest lounge bar. The Orb is the swankiest lounge bar in town that offers a collection of exotic drinks and exclusive cocktails in an eclectic atmosphere. Serving only the finest concoctions that would leave you craving for more, The Orb excels in innovation and exclusivity.

The menu speaks of intriguing cocktails like Chamba Booti, Khopdi, Masala T-Knee, Rajkumar, Orb


In place of the usual seating arrangements, one finds in a bar, at The Orb the seating is arranged around a circular table. The ambiance makes you feel you are having a party with friends in the middle of an island! To further raise the entertainment quotient, The Orb hosts musical performances and a live DJ performance very evening. It features special music evenings on Wednesdays and Fridays featuring artistes like Winston Balman, Minakshi Majumdar, Frisky Pints etc.

Lose yourself to the rhythm of the beat and lift yourself higher!

A septuagenarian wearing different hats with ease and finesse, exuberating immense energy while reflecting half a century experience in varied disciplines, is something that will take you by surprise – won’t believe but it is true and live at Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi where Dr. Ramesh Kapur, it’s CMD, can be seen involved neck deep into business strategy during the day and reciting couplets from Urdu poetry or singing old Hindi songs by the evening.

A Civil Engineer with a doctorate turned into an entrepreneur, an educationist and an hotelier presently heading the family business group, UMAK, that owns Radisson Blu Plaza Delhi, Radisson Hotel Varanasi. Also owning, franchising, managing three restaurant brands, namely The Great Kabab Factory (TGKF), Indyaki and The Spice Factory under UMAK Hospitality. Interestingly, TGKF has become a well known International brand with 20 outlets in large towns of India, Muscat, Bangladesh and Thailand. To top it up, his family Group UMAK also owns and operates a higher educational Institute called Vedatya on Sohna Road, Gurgaon.

Dr. Kapur started his career as a Research Scientist in the field of building research for nearly 7 years after which he, along with 3 other Civil Engineers promoted a company called Unitech Ltd., of which he spearheaded the growth for nearly 32 years as a highly successful entrepreneur in the field of Civil Engineering, Real Estate, Amusement Parks and Hospitality and an Hotelier till end of 2005.

For the last ten years, he is spearheading the growth of his family Group named UMAK, wherein he is ably assisted by his 2 Sons and the Daughter in Laws. He has trotted across the globe and made a foray into several cities of the world handling the first-ever kind of projects. Being a visionary, he was instrumental and courageous in bringing Carlson into India way back in 1994 when people were not even aware of this Brand with the presence of hardly any other well known International brand except one or two into the Country. He along with Carlson worked very hard to develop the Radisson brand to make it the top most brand in the first decade and created the ground and environment for entry of other International Brands. For his two decades of contribution to the Hospitality Industry, he was honoured with a Carlson Fellow Award in 2015, achieving a unique distinction of being the first and the only Indian Hotel Owner. UMAK Group also owns 5-star hotel plots in Bhubaneswar, Hyderabad, and resort in Shillon Bagh between Kufri and Chail. The Government of Orissa has also signed an MOU to allot plots in Paradip, Konark, Puri and Chilka Lake.

His quiet demeanour encapsulates sheer determination and some strong principles that got laid during his early days of upbringing at home, schooling and professional environment during education and subsequent exposure in engineering and other business. The Engineering sense, rationale thinking with an analytical mind and approach helped achieving better results and success in various fields.

Rahul Kumar
written by: Rahul Kumar
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