Fortune Hotels

The chain’s tag line says it all – ‘Let Fortune Take You Places’. The chain that was created to cater to the mid-market to upscale segment has made its presence felt across the length and breadth of the country, having grown exponentially in the last 7-8 years. ‘Fortune Hotels’ is not only taking its guests ‘places’ but is also offering them an excellent value for money in each location. Whether the hotel is located in a metro, mini-metro, a business location or a resort cum leisure destination, the brand is now widely recognized for the quality of its product & services. Its ‘mid-market to upscale concept’ has generated confidence among its promoters and the chain is being recognized as the best ‘First Class Full Service Business Hotel chain’ in India.

Fortune, a member of ITC’s hotel group, has clearly defined sub-brands bringing instant recall, therefore, the guests can easily match their requirements with the chain’s offers. The sub-brands now include the ‘My Fortune’ brand that represents stylish hotels that offer spirited and efficient service to the savvy traveler. The other sub-brands under which the hotels are being operated by the chain are ‘Fortune Select’, ‘Fortune Park’, ‘Fortune Inn’ and ‘Fortune Resort’.

In the process of creating quality hotel accommodation in a wide choice of destinations, the Fortune Hotels chain has emerged as a brand with a reputation of contemporary modern hotels offering quality products and “value led” services. It’s branded restaurants, modern décor, convenient service designs and sub-brands that cater to different categories of guests, sets it apart from all other chains.

With 72 signed properties, 5561 rooms spread across 54 cities in India, ‘Fortune Hotels’ is operating 48 hotels at present. The chain offers full service without compromising on quality and that too, at a very people-friendly price. Convenient locations, excellence of cuisine, efficient service and competitive pricing, have made the Fortune Hotels chain fairly popular with both business and leisure travellers.

Fortune Hotels brand draws its strength from the proud lineage-ITC Hotels, which is a pioneer in the hospitality industry in India. As it continues its sweeping growth through its well defined sub-brands, the focus of Fortune Hotels is holistic in its development. The properties are being set up in major metros, mini metros, state capitals and business towns. Each hotel is created to suit the business needs of a particular environment leading to a perfect economic fit, and with each property taking its roots in one location it further opens up the possibilities at another level in a “neighboring hub of development”. Fortune Hotels has undoubtedly established itself as a leading ‘first class, full service business hotel chain’ and it plans to maintain this position by following a balanced approach towards growth, expansion, brand extensions and providing the same assured quality of product and service across the country.

The chain has been the winner of numerous awards – CNBC-Awaaz Travel Award 2015 for the ‘Best Hospitality Group’, Today’s Traveller Award and Safari India Award for the ‘Best First Class Business Hotel Chain 2015’, Hospitality India Award for the ‘Best First Class Hotel Chain 2014’, Travel & Hospitality Award for the ‘Most Outstanding Mid-Market Hotel Chain 2014’, Hotel Build Award 2014 for “Best Mid-Market Hotel Chain”, PATWA International Award for the “Best First Class Full Service Business Hotel Chain in India 2013”, SATTE Award for ‘Leading Mid-Market Chain 2012’, and the Abacus TAFI Award for the ‘Best Value Hotel Chain in India 2009’.

Rahul Kumar
written by: Rahul Kumar
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